Electric Underfloor heating

The Most Comfortable, Effective and Safe Heating System For Your Home That Allows You to Reduce Energy Spending by up to 50%

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    Economical, Effective and With Quick and Easy Installation

    Now you can apply the underfloor heating quickly, without major investment costs, without
    future maintenance costs and without having to do major works or use cement.

    Hot Air Rises

    Hot air rises and then the heat perception is faster for you

    Uniform Heat

    There are not as much heat loss through the walls or ceiling Heating is uniform throughout
    the room and not located at one point as in other cases


    The heating is inside the floor and soon you can't see or take up space

    The entire Heated Division

    Heating is uniform throughout the room and not located at one point as in other cases

    Higher Savings

    Energy expenditures are lower because heat losses are lower and because reference
    temperatures are also lower

    No Maintenance Costs

    After the initial investment there are no more system maintenance costs

    How does it work?


    Electric Underfloor heating can be applied on virtually all types of floors.

    The Electric Underfloor uses electric heating cable and is placed under neath the ceramic floor, or floating floor, mosaics, carpet or wood.

    Satisfied Customer Testimonial

    The comfort that comes from installing a underfloor is amazingly difficult to match with any other heating system.

    The irradiation of heat through the floor guarantees the housing an air ambient that provides an extraordinary comfort that does not match the installation of traditional systems – e.g._ air conditioning, chaufage, or fireplace – with the advantage of lasting for long hours even after its disconnection.

    It is a clean system, without maintenance easy to handle, programmable and the investment cost is a pleasant surprise.

    José Silva